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Jess and Andrew Wedding

Hi, I'm Andrew.

I'm currently in my 12th year teaching in the primary grades in Central PA. My wife, Jess, and I have 3 dogs and a toddler. Our life is chaotic and I wouldn't change it for the world. I am currently teaching full day kindergarten and loving every minute of it. I especially enjoy creating digital resources for my little explorers.

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My kindergarten students are so actively engaged by these exercise and subitize videos on my YouTube channel, and I'm having a blast making them! We start every math lesson with one of these videos, and I've already seen such an improvement in their quick counting skills! What I love most about these videos is that they're simple, but fun. I love watching them get so excited when they figure out the answer and scream it at the top of their lungs.

After every few problems, there's a movement break... and let me warn you, your class may go a little bananas. Some of the Halloween videos includes a little kick-boxing break. One of my girls started yelling "hi-ya!" with every kick. And now, the whole class does it for every exercise. Every time. It's seriously a hoot and a half.

We enjoyed the Halloween breaks so much that I knew I needed to keep going! There are now fall videos that cover... Subitize to 5, Subitize to 10, and ten frames! And now that it's officially November, you bet your bottom dollar I've already started making CHRISTMAS VIDEOS.

Visit my YouTube channel to check out all of the videos I've already posted, and check back often... I usually post at least one new video each week! Don't forget to like and subscribe to stay updated when I post new content. Enjoy!!

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Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Change is good, right?

So far this summer, I've gotten a new principal, one of my kindergarten teammates announced she's moving to a new grade level (I'm THRILLED for her, for the record), and I'll be moving classrooms. I'm moving right next-door to a larger space, but it's nerve wrecking nonetheless. It's literally keeping me up at night as I design the new space in my head. I'm itching to get in and start playing around. I'm also in the middle of teaching a summer program for incoming kindergarten students. I figured, what better time to completely overhaul my website!

So, here it is! One of my dear friends convinced me that I could do this myself, so that's what I did! It's been fun and scary and overwhelming and exciting and all the feels. One of the things I desperately wanted was to renovate my Freebie Page. It's up and running, and I'm excited to add to it throughout the school year.

Let's see... what else is new. Our little girl is 3 now, and she's quite the bundle of energy. She's kind and silly and inquisitive and she's going to change the world.

We live super close to Hersheypark and spend most of our free time there. She's tall enough to ride lots of new things this summer and it's been fun watching her conquer new things.

I'm super excited for the upcoming school year. Like many of you, this past year was possibly the most challenging of my career. I'm ready for a fresh start in a new classroom. Hang out and see what I've got planned!

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