I'm Not Going Back

Saturday, July 18, 2020
Okay, so maybe the title is a little dramatic, but it's kind of true.

I'm not going back to my classroom this year.

Let's backtrack a little.

Like many (all?) of you, I was thrown into the world of distance learning last year with no training or preparation. I made the best of it. I actually think I did a pretty great job, all things considered. I had a large, challenging class last year, so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little relieved when summer came.

As I started to think about next school year, I became filled with anxiety. What will it look like? Will we be in the classroom? How often? How many students will I have? Will we be able to safely social distance? Will my kindergarten students be able to keep their masks on? Will they be scared? Will I be scared? The list goes on and on, and I was literally losing sleep over it.

Texted my principal, said I was feeling apprehensive, and she called me later that day. She started saying something about how there were so many families that had opted to keep their children at home, and the kindergarten numbers were low, and they were looking for a full-time e-learning teacher... I SCREAMED YES BEFORE SHE FINISHED PITCHING THE IDEA.

Immediate relief. For so many reasons. My wife and I have a 16 month old daughter. I didn't want to have to change my clothes and fully disinfect before I hugged her when I got home.

So, here I am, mentally preparing for teaching kindergarten fully online this year. Will it present its own unique set of challenges? Obviously. But, I'm excited as hell to make this the best damn year those kids will ever know.

Also, did I mention that I'm teaching ALL of the kindergarten students in my district that opted to stay home, so I'm literally in this by myself?

Stay tuned for tips, tricks, plans, activities, meltdowns, victories, and lots of bourbon.

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