Teaching Plot with Mo Willems!

Thursday, January 24, 2019
Let's be real for a minute. Mo Willems is pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread. My kinders BEG for me to read more and more of his books. They make for great read-aloud books, the characters are always getting into trouble, and they're also GREAT for teaching plot!

Knuffle Bunny is and has always been a Mo favorite of mine. I love the way Mo used cartoon on top of photographs, and the way that Trixie talks always makes for lots of giggles in the classroom! What I love most about Knuffle Bunny, though, is how simple the plot is at its core. When I teach plot, I love to keep it as simple as possible, without too many steps. 

I am OBSESSED with Lyndsey Kuster's Reading Comprehension Organizers and Posters. I bought the 1st grade set when I was still teaching up there, but SO many of the organizers are still relevant in kindergarten land. 

How adorable are these...

Do you have a favorite author or book for teaching plot?

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