Counting Freebie!

Thursday, November 2, 2017
Hi, ya'll! I wanted to share a fun little activity we did in math today! We're still drilling the numbers up to 10, and our hallway is looking a little bare, so I made this fun little finger paint freebie! We used red, yellow, and orange to make some fall leaves for the trees, but you could do so many different things! Apples, green leaves, etc... Snag it on my freebie tab!
I've also been saving those little styrofoam trays from the grocery store because they make great paint trays! They're super easy to wash off and use over and over.
My school laptop recently crashed so I lost all the KG fonts I had saved... I know, I'm still getting over it. SO, I made a fun version with better fonts and a border that you can steal from my freebie tab! Enjoy!!



  1. I would love to try this activity with my students if I can locate it

  2. I can't find this activity either. I don't see a freebie tab.