Classroom Campout

Thursday, May 11, 2017
We've been reading Goldilocks this week, I've been dying to have a classroom campout for quite some time... so, I decided to put them together! I also managed to keep the entire thing a surprise from the kids, which wasn't easy!

We read a reader's theater version of Goldilocks I found on Scholastic printables, and decided to put on the play! I left the whole thing wide open for the kids and asked them what we would need to put on the play. They determined we would need bowls of porridge, beds, chairs, a house, and a setting. I wanted to leave the entire project in their hands, so I asked them what materials they would need, and allowed them to be creative. One of my little girls said "I've never done anything like this before!!" and my heart was SO full! I hung the trees all over the room yesterday, and then after school I set up the camp site. I posted on my classroom instagram asking parents to stick a flashlight in their child's backpack without telling them why. This morning, I had the blinds closed, all the lights off, and I was waiting in the hallway asking the kids to get out their flashlights, and telling them to stay safe as they entered the classroom... THEY WERE HOOKED!
I convinced my amazing mommy to buy this teepee from Target for my classroom next year, and knew it'd be perfect for our little camping adventure. I borrowed lanterns from some teacher friends, and had some cricket and nature noises playing as the kids walked in. It was SO cool.

We also made s'mores with marshmallow fluff instead of toasted marshmallows. I put a spoonful in a dixie cup with a popsicle stick for each student, and they made their own. They had tons of fun, and so did I!

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