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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
So I did something a little scary the other day. Let me explain...

Since I learned about my big move to full-day K, I've been on the hunt for toys and games that would be great for developmental play. My fiance has been using the Facebook Marketplace to search for wedding decorations, so I figured, WHY NOT!? I decided to hop on and see if I could find anything that would be useful... Have you ever used the marketplace? It's a gold mine!

I went straight to the toys & games section and found about 5 or 6 listings that were perfect and CHEAP! They all happened to be listed by the same lady... So, naturally I drove close to an hour away to meet her... in her basement. *DISCLAIMER* I realize this was probably not my smartest move. I promise I did text both my mother and fiance the address I was at and told them that if they didn't hear from me in the next 45 minutes, they should call for help! LOL

Well, I made it out alive, thank God. She was actually very nice, and had SO much stuff to get rid of! I snagged a huge Lego Duplo set, Lincoln Logs, 5 Mr. Potato Heads, a big bag of dinosaurs, and 2 doctor's sets. I was so excited to grab it all and bring it to school, that today I even gave my first graders some time to explore with it all!

You guys. I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to fully dive into developmental play in my kindergarten classroom next year! My first graders were over the moon excited, and had such awesome conversation while they were exploring! I did my best to stay back and let them use their own imagination without my prompting, which is SO HARD!

 The little lady playing with the potato family was telling stories about how the little bride was going to find a husband... his name was T-Rex, and she loves him so very much.

This first grade friend was building a swimming pool out of Lego Duplo blocks... Check out the slide! It was awesome to not only see her making sense of how the shapes fit together, but also using problem solving and conversational skills as she needed to find more blue blocks.

The Lincoln Log set I found was HUGE! These boys were acting out an entire farm scene, totally unprompted. They called me over and explained the whole thing to me. They even made a special stall for the farmer to milk the cow.

Okay... I sat back and watched them play so much, but when the doctor kit came out, and they started coming over to check my blood pressure and temperature, I couldn't hold back any longer! It was SO exciting to play the part of the sick patient while they checked my vitals, gave me bandaids, and called the surgeon on the phone.

The idea of developmental play having such a major impact in my full-day kindergarten classroom is beyond thrilling. It's the reason I became a teacher... I can't wait to be on the floor, playing games, being creative, solving problems, encouraging imaginative play, and exploring with my kindergartners next year.

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