That Summer Struggle

Saturday, August 5, 2017 No comments
Howdy, ya'll! I hope you're enjoying your summer and time away from your kiddos! It's been a fun and busy summer for me so far... I've been working and wedding planning and road tripping like crazy! I don't know if you're lucky enough to live somewhere with no humidity, but I'm not! The weather in PA this summer has been pretty brutal. Don't believe me? The Reese's Cup melted at work the other day. The struggle was real.
I was able to go visit my parents near Pittsburgh, as well. Got a chance to see my grandparents, which was a day I'll never forget. My grandfather's life has been stolen by Parkinson's disease, so we never know just what to expect when we visit him. My fiancee, Jessica, was with me when we visited, and was meeting my Pop-pop for the first time. We were talking with him, and I started to tell him how we had gone to NYC recently. He and I share a love of all things music, and while I was talking about seeing The Phantom of the Opera, a huge smile spread across his face, and his eyes lit up. It was a rare and special moment, and I'm so thankful that this is how Jessica got to meet him. 
He's a very special guy and is loved by many. Both of my grandparents are retired teachers - my grandmother taught kindergarten and first grade most of her career, and my grandfather was a high school French teacher. We recently got some not-so-great news about my grandfather's health, so I wanted to find a way to honor him and remember him forever. I love you very much, Pop-pop...
Oh gosh, what else has been happening... 2 of our pups graduated from puppy school! Bernie and Gus were the most handsome dudes in town that day! We mailed out our wedding invitations, too! 57 days to go!! Am I crazy for getting married a month into school in a new grade level? Yeah... crazy in love!
I haven't had the chance to start setting up my classroom yet, as it looks like a bomb went off... So glad my district agreed to put a bathroom into my new classroom, but it's made my summer routine a little tricky. I'm usually one of those that goes in randomly throughout the summer to get things done slowly. Ya'll... I'm going to the beach next week, and when I come back, I'll have 5 days to do everything IF the construction and cleaning are done. There will be much coffee and beer consumed that week.
I'm super pumped to start setting up my new space... I got tons of fun things this summer, and can't wait to get them out of the back of my car!!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, everyone!!

Word Family Mega Pack

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 No comments
Whew! I've been working VERY hard on this baby for quite some time! I'm super excited to finally share it with you!

Classroom Campout

Thursday, May 11, 2017 No comments
We've been reading Goldilocks this week, I've been dying to have a classroom campout for quite some time... so, I decided to put them together! I also managed to keep the entire thing a surprise from the kids, which wasn't easy!

We read a reader's theater version of Goldilocks I found on Scholastic printables, and decided to put on the play! I left the whole thing wide open for the kids and asked them what we would need to put on the play. They determined we would need bowls of porridge, beds, chairs, a house, and a setting. I wanted to leave the entire project in their hands, so I asked them what materials they would need, and allowed them to be creative. One of my little girls said "I've never done anything like this before!!" and my heart was SO full! I hung the trees all over the room yesterday, and then after school I set up the camp site. I posted on my classroom instagram asking parents to stick a flashlight in their child's backpack without telling them why. This morning, I had the blinds closed, all the lights off, and I was waiting in the hallway asking the kids to get out their flashlights, and telling them to stay safe as they entered the classroom... THEY WERE HOOKED!
I convinced my amazing mommy to buy this teepee from Target for my classroom next year, and knew it'd be perfect for our little camping adventure. I borrowed lanterns from some teacher friends, and had some cricket and nature noises playing as the kids walked in. It was SO cool.

We also made s'mores with marshmallow fluff instead of toasted marshmallows. I put a spoonful in a dixie cup with a popsicle stick for each student, and they made their own. They had tons of fun, and so did I!

Measurement Fun!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 No comments
We're rocking and rolling with measurement in our classroom! I love this part of the year because math becomes so much more hands-on, and we get to have a little more fun! I read Inch By Inch by Leo Lionni, and then I set my kiddos free to measure some objects in the classroom using their own adorable little inchworms. Nonstandard measurement at its cutest!
Snag this freebie by clicking the picture or visiting my freebie tab.

Snag this freebie by clicking the picture or visiting my freebie tab.

We also started using rulers to measure to the closets inch. My kiddos thought I was kidding when I told them to get on the table and lay down. We traced one person from each math group, measured different parts of them together, then colored them in to math what they were wearing... Sammy had on a pretty stellar narwhal t-shirt today!