Long Time, No Post!

Monday, January 29, 2018 No comments
Howdy, ya'll! It's been a while! I'm deep in the heart of rehearsals for The Secret Garden, and it's been pretty much consuming my life. If you're familiar with the show, I'm playing Archie, Mary's uncle, whom she comes to live with. If you live in the Central PA area, come check it out!!
I sing SO much in the show, so I'm really trying to save my voice as much as I can... which has been really hard the last few days, because we're in the middle of a Mo Willems author study. I don't think I can physically NOT be animated when I read his books!!

I've also been SUPER busy cranking out more Exploration Station games! If you haven't seen them yet, they're an interactive, self-checking resource that can be used on iPads, interactive whiteboards, and laptops! The growing math bundle is insane right now, and there's loads more to come!
It's currently got over 350 questions. Purchased separately, it would cost $36, but the bundle is discounted to $15! Ya'll, my kids LOVE these games and BEG for more!! Check 'em out!


Roll & Color Freebie

Thursday, November 30, 2017 No comments
Howdy, ya'll! I realized December starts tomorrow and my kids are still playing math games with acorns... So, I whipped up a fun little winter roll and color! My kinders were ready for a bigger challenge than just recognizing dot patterns to 6, so for this game, students roll 2 dice and add the total. Color your answer, and if the number is already covered, you lose your turn!
You can click the picture to download this freebie, or find it (along with some other fun games) on my freebie tab. Enjoy!


TPT Animated Quote Box

Sunday, November 19, 2017 No comments
Hey hey hey! I've been dying to create one of those animated GIF quote boxes that all the cool TPT sellers have, so I decided to give it a whirl! I found some tutorials online that were really complicated, so I thought I'd simplify it for you if you're looking to add one to your store, too!
What you'll need:
-gifmaker.me (free online)

Seriously. That's all.

Change your slide size. TPT will resize it to fit in the end, so I set mine to 30"x10" so I had more room to work. On my Mac, I did this under File - Page Setup. On a PC, you can do it on the design tab. You might also want to set your slide background to the same color as the TPT quote box, like I did. Totally up to you... Red: 241 Green: 241 Blue: 241... OR hex color #F1F1F1.

Create one slide for every part of the GIF you want to make. For mine, I kept the text on the side the same on every slide (I just hit duplicate slide so they would all be the same). Mine is 6 slides, and you can see how I kept the same format for all of them...

Save your presentation as a PNG. Make sure you save the whole presentation (every slide). They'll get saved into one folder.

Step 4:
Upload your images to gifmaker.me online. I chose these settings for mine, but play around with it if you want your images to cycle faster or slower. I left mine sized at 100%, because remember that TPT will automatically size the final image down for their site. I tried making my image smaller on gifmaker, but then it ended up blurry in the end.
When you're happy with the speed and transition, click "Create GIF Animation" then "Download the GIF" when it's done.

Time to upload to TPT! Go to My Account - Store Profile - Edit... Under personal quote, pick Image/Link from the dropdown menu. Upload your new GIF, and change the URL to the product that you're featuring. 

It's seriously not hard at all. Comment or shoot me an email if you have any questions... Have fun, and good luck!!


Counting Freebie!

Thursday, November 2, 2017 No comments
Hi, ya'll! I wanted to share a fun little activity we did in math today! We're still drilling the numbers up to 10, and our hallway is looking a little bare, so I made this fun little finger paint freebie! We used red, yellow, and orange to make some fall leaves for the trees, but you could do so many different things! Apples, green leaves, etc... Snag it on my freebie tab!
I've also been saving those little styrofoam trays from the grocery store because they make great paint trays! They're super easy to wash off and use over and over.
My school laptop recently crashed so I lost all the KG fonts I had saved... I know, I'm still getting over it. SO, I made a fun version with better fonts and a border that you can steal from my freebie tab! Enjoy!!